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  • Shin Co Hydra Silk Deep Moisture Day Cream

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    The secrets and traditions of eastern beauty live within shin co. Shin Co. unifies time-honored asian beauty and wisdom with modern technology and innovation for skin care that delays visible signs of aging. Favored for its Asian beauty secrets, shin co. is packed with only the best nutrient-rich indigenous Asian ingredients: green tea, ginseng, rice bran, bamboo, pearl, red algae, camellia oil, pearl and silk. In keeping with the age-old traditions, a patented process was developed with scholars and scientists to unveil formulas that penetrate to the skin's deepest layers to revitalize, nourish and defy. 

    Shin Co. Hydra Silk Deep Moisture Day Cream (50g/ 1.7fl.oz.):
    Ingredients: Water, polydimethylsiloxane, ring five polydimethylsiloxane (and) polydimethylsiloxane crosslinking polymer, double - polyethylene glycol (peg) polyethylene glycol (peg)/ poly (proplylene glycol - 16/16 - 16/16 dimethyl siloxane, ocytylic acid/ decanoic acid triglycerides, poly dimethyl siloxane, stearic acid, nutmeg acid ester, whales wax stearic glucoside/ cetyl stearyl alcohol, cetyl stearyl alcohol/ cetyl stearyl alcohol polyether - 20 different cetane, betaine, cetyl stearyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronic acid, glycerol/ glycerol and propylene glycol acrylate/ acrylic acid copolymer and pvm/ ma copolymers, beta glucan, hydroxyl ethyl acrylate/ propylene acyl methyl taurine sodium copolymer, rice (ORYZA SATIVA) extract, butanediol, acetyl six peptide - 8, glycol, phenoxyethanol, ethyl hexyl glycerin, essence.  Application: Use as part of your regular skin care regimen.