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  • Lior Gold Paris Wrinkle Eraser Pen

    $99.00 $9.99

    Lior Gold Paris Wrinkle Eraser Pen (Length: 7 in.):
    1. Effectively removes eye bag and puffiness
    2. Lightens dark eye circles
    3. Erases wrinkle, tightening and firming your eyes
    4. Delays wrinkle formation
    Sounds like MAGIC, but it's REAL. You will see the wrinkles or fine lines become lighter and the eye bags/ dark circles will disappear after using 15 minute-treatment on each eye during the initial usage of this pen.
    How to use: After facial cleaning, wipe your face dry.  Apply eye gel or essence around the eyes.  Turn on the machine by pressing the "power" switch for 3-4 seconds.  Choose desired intensity level - high, medium or low - by briefly pressing "power" switch.  Hold the inductor of wave energy on both sides with your thumb and forefinger.  Gently contact the functionary spot of wave energy to the wrinkles, indicator flashes and buzzer beeps.  The machine works.  Moving it slowly from the inner to outer, focus on one point for 5-10 seconds.  The distance between two adjacent points is suggested to be one millimeter.  Treat four times for every individual wrinkle to achieve best results.  Turn the power off by pressing the "power" switch for 3-4 seconds.