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  • Lior Gold Paris Eye Mask 6pc+Lior Gold Paris Nano Sleeping Mask Set

    $199.00 $9.99
    Lior Gold Paris Eye Mask 6pc has developed an exclusive formula for extracting the rejuvenating properties of Gold and infused them with organic nutrients  and anti-oxidants into a collagen natural based  anti-ageing mask, which helps to stimulate collagen production, thereby, aiding the skin’s supporting structure, which increases its thickness and elasticity.
    Each Box Contains 6 Pairs of Masks
    The Lior Gold Nano Sleeping Mask is a vitamin and mineral mask enriched with 24K gold. The Nano Mask enhances your skin's ability to retain collagen, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a complexion that is firmer and tighter. 25g
    Application: This leave-in hydrating sleeping mask allows for full absorption and is not to be washed off. Use twice a week.
    -these items are unisex skin care products