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  • Lior Gold Paris 24K Facial Massager

    $99.00 $9.99

    Lior Gold Paris 24K Facial Massager (Length-6in.):

    Achieve younger and healthier looking skin with the new and improved Lior Gold 24K Facial Massager. The Lior Gold T-Bar features 24K gold-plating with a Germanium infused tip that creates an antimicrobial surface for safer contact with skin. It helps increase facial and blood circulation, while promoting tightness and rejuvenating skin. The Lior Gold Bar offers a deep and gentle massage to the skin, producing vibrations up to 7,000 times per minute. How to use: When using a cream or moisturizer, simply apply moisturizer on your face and or neck area and massage with the 24K Lior Gold Bar until fully absorbed.