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Lior Gold Paris 24K Deep Wrinkle Remover

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Lior Gold Paris is formulated with only the highest performing concentrations of the purest botanicals; including peptides stem cells, antioxidants and food grade essential oils. In keeping with the highest standards, Lior Gold Paris has eliminated toxic ingredients including: parabens, sulfates, and propylene glycol. It is the purity and uniqueness of rare elements such as liquid gold and cell salts that make Lior Gold Paris a cutting edge skin care line.

Lior Gold Paris Deep Wrinkle Remover (12g./ 0.4fl.oz.):

The 24 karat gold deep wrinkle remover is an instant non-invasive resolution to fine lines and wrinkles.  As an effective, safe alternative to surgery and cosmetic injections; this treatment will dramatically transform the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Repeated use will prevent the formation of new lines. Instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Ingredients: Deionized water, glycerin, gold foil, HA, soluble collagen, rose hips oil, soy protein and yeast extract, three peptides -32, methoxy cinnamic acid ethyl ester, hexadecanoic acid cetyl alcohol, lanolin, stearic acid - 32, stearic acid, palmitic acid isopropyl ester, line kwai extraction, fatty alcohols, licorice flavonoids, phenoxyethanol.  Application: Apply where needed, use as needed.