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  • Lior Gold Caviar Anti-aging Expert Age Response Wrinkle Remover

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    Lior Gold Paris is formulated with only the highest performing concentrations of the purest botanicals; including peptides stem cells, antioxidants and food grade essential oils. In keeping with the highest standards, Lior Gold Paris has eliminated toxic ingredients including: parabens, sulfates, and propylene glycol. It is the purity and uniqueness of rare elements such as liquid gold and cell salts that make Lior Gold Paris a cutting edge skin care line.

    Lior Gold Paris Caviar Anti-aging Expert Age Response Wrinkle Remover (12g./ 0.4fl.oz):
    This proprietary complex gently works beneath the skin’s surface day by day, helping to relax targeted facial areas; eventually smoothing lines and wrinkles. With continued use, wrinkles and lines will be smoothed and filled.
    Ingredients: Coconut oil-based glucoside, dioctyl carbonate, different nonyl pelargonic acid ester, polydimenthylsiloxane, sodium acrylate/acryloyl 2 methyl taurine sodium copolymer and squalane and polysorbate -80, eight peptide -3 acetyl, acetyl six peptide -8, symplectic glycol, two palmitoyl hydroxyproline, beta glucan, carbomer, triethanolamine, tocopherol acetate, betaine, butanediol, hydroxyethyl urea.
    How to use: massage onto affected area after daily evening cleansing and toning.