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  • Hanskin Control Skin BB Cream

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    Hanskin Control Skin BB Cream 43.5g

    About the product

    • Hanskin Acne Control Skin BB Cream - 30 ml
    • A unisex BB cream can be used by both sexes to prevent acne and pimple flare-ups, while healing existing blemishes.
    • Creamy formula easily spreads on skin, concealing spots and blemishes and creating the look of flawless skin.
    • Natural ingredients work gently on skin, making Control Skin BB Cream suitable even for sensitive skin.
    • New In Box - Made in Korea 
    This product is made from natural material and is gentle to the skin. Continued use will smooth and moisturize your skin revealing bright and firm healthy skin.Hanskin Control Skin B.B Cream protects the skin from acne and pimples.It has a soothing effect and recovers the skin from damages.To Use:Use appropriate amount and apply the B.B cream evenly on the skin starting from the center of the skin.