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  • Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlight Duo Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak

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    Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlight Duo Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak Full Size 2x3.5g/2x0.12 oz

    contains a light, pinky-peach with a frosted finish and a deeper, more metallic peachy coral. The left side wasn’t as reflective as the right side, which had more visible sparkle and did emphasize my skin’s natural texture. Some might enjoy the intensity and shine of the right side even if it doesn’t have a smoothing finish, while others are loathe to draw attention to their skin’s natural texture. If you’re part of the latter, I don’t think that this formula (generally) will be the best fit.

    Girl Next Door is a soft, peachy pink with strong, warm undertones and a frosted sheen. The left side of the duo was more reflective than some of the lighter duos in the range, but it seemed just shy of pore-emphasizing territory (at least, for me). The consistency was smooth to the touch but still a bit thinner and seemed to get slightly stiffer with use, but again, not quite as bad as two of the lighter duos. On the skin, the powder had medium, buildable coverage and was easily blended along the edges. It lasted for seven and a half hours on me.

    Chic Freak is a light-medium, peachy coral with warm undertones and a sparkling, golden sheen. There were visible micro-sparkles on the skin along with an intense, metallic sheen that did have a tendency to accentuate my skin’s natural texture a bit (not quite as much as some of the other shades in the range). I noticed that in action/as applied, it ended up being so reflective that the base color wasn’t as prominent on my skin tone (less peach-pink more golden sheen) but at certain angles, the base color was a bit more noticeable. The texture was smooth, soft, and easy to work with as it was blendable and almost cream-like. It wore well for eight hours on me before fading.