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  • ClickR Stop-Time Night Cream+Magic Eye Cream+Pearl Wash Set

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    Stop-Time Night Cream by ClickR Skin Care  1.7oz / 50g
    About the product
    -Restricts wrinkles before they start
    -Boosts natural radiance
    -Enhances skin’s elasticity
    -Moisturizes and hydrates
    1.7 oz 
    Magic Eye Cream by ClickR Skin Care 0.5oz./15g
    About the product
    -Relax computer tired eyes
    -Lessens telltale stress signs
    -Lightens under-eye baggage
    -Gold, silver and diamond ingredients dust work their magic  15g
    ClickR Skin Care Facial Pearl Wash 3 oz
    About the product
    -lessens effects of acne care and the environment on younger skin.
    -tightens pores
    -leaves complexion supple and firm
    -works with all types of skin